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Software development company

Hire Developer Now software development company provides web and mobile application development services to big and small companies.

Hire Developer Now company employ over 100 people and offer a great depth of experience in software development & engineering, project management, business software analysis and software consulting services. ?ur company international offices are located in mainland Scandinavia, Europe, USA and UK.

We are part of the Belhard group of companies established since 1994, employing in total over 1000 people. Belhard company are an HP Preferred Partner and are an ISO 9001-2001 certified IT outsourcing software development company.

Custom software development is not just a task for the "techie programmers", to our company it is a business critical software development process that should be delivered as a fully managed service to the highest standards of quality, and in a punctual and cost-effective manner.

Hire Developer Now company specialize in software and web application development services such as IPTV software development, content distribution & management systems development, e-commerce software programming, web portals and websites development, mobile application development plus many others. Java, .Net, PHP software developers in our company are also experienced in developing major enterprise applications such as CRM & ERP software, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence software plus many other solutions.

The sectors our company has extensive software development expertise in include Advertising, E-commerce, Property, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Education plus others. Hire Developer Now company technical software development expertise in providing web development services includes: Mobile application development, Java development (J2EE, J2SE), PHP, .NET, C/C++, C# software programming, Windows Media Services, Flash programming, Flex, Ajax, and more.

Presently, our company has engineered many successful web development projects with companies from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Belarus, please feel free to read more about Hire Developer Now company happy clients.

Hire Developer Now software development company can deliver the following benefits to you:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster development time

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss how we can bring this to you

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